CONVERGE® Pro 2 Professional Audio DSP


ClearOne's 2nd-gen Beamforming Microphone Array

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CONVERGE Pro 2 is the industry's most advanced professional audio DSP platform for conferencing and sound reinforcement applications. It outperforms in any size room, any audio environment, any application.  



ClearOne's 2nd-gen Bemaofrming Microphone Array

CONVERGE Pro 2 is optimized to work with the new Beamforming Mic Array 2 and DIALOG 20 2-Channel Wireless Microphone System through its native connection

Powerful Architecture
  • 12 Mic/Line inputs with AEC
  • Built-in VoIP: 5 lines
  • Built-in Skype for Business Client
  • Built-in Telco with ClearEffectprocessing
  • Built-in USB for PC-based conferencing
  • Built-in Dante for networked audio
  • Reduced footprint and power consumption
Audio Signal Processing
  • Next-gen Acoustic Echo Cancellation processing
  • Distributed Echo Cancellation® on every mic input
  • Noise Cancellation with Adaptive-Ambience
  • Acoustic Intelligence with faster convergence
  • DARE feedback elimination
  • Advanced microphone gating
Scalable Connectivity
  • Standalone and daisy-chained system
  • Stack units for up to 144 Mic/Line inputs
  • Expansion bus “C-Link” with 64 channels
  • “P-Link” bus to connect peripheral devices
Any Application
  • VoIP/POTS conferencing
  • PC-based conferencing & Unified Communications
  • Microsoft Skype for Business audio conferencing
  • Sound Reinforcement applications
  • Dante for audio networking
Configuration & Management
  • New CONSOLE® software
  • Auto-discovery of devices
  • MatrixView™ for entire system
  • FlowView™ for visualized audio signal paths
  • System monitoring and troubleshooting
Flexible Control Options
  • Dialer app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Touch Panel Controller with tabletop and wall mount options
  • 3rd party control modules