ClearOne’s CONVERGE MATRIX mixer and router provides new opportunities for large scale pro audio installations with up to 512x512 audio channels, with the CONVERGE product line using Dante™ audio-over-IP networking technologies.








  • CONVERGE MATRIX 512 supports 512x512 audio channel matrix
  • CONVERGE MATRIX 256 EX supports 256x256 audio channel matrix
    • Field-upgradable with 256x256-expansion card to make it 512x512
  • CONVERGE MATRIX 128 EX supports 128 x 128 audio channel matrix
    • Field-upgradable with 128x128-expansion card to make it  256 x 256
  • CONVERGE MATRIX 64 EX supports 64 x 64 audio channel matrix
    • Field-upgradable with 64x64-expansion card to make it 128 x 128
  • Dante networking technology for Digital audio distribution
  • Audio channels mixing and routing
  • Compatible with all CONVERGE units (840T, 880, 880T, 880TA, 8i, SR1212, SR1212A, TH20, VH20) & CONNECT Dante bridge
  • Groups/Zones configuration
  • Full matrix view, filtered matrix view
  • Highly scalable, reliable, modular system adds flexibility
  • Complete system redundancy support for network and device
  • Applicable for sound reinforcement, live announcements, pre-recorded audio, emergency information, background music, paging