A distributed architecture allows the hardware and the processing power to be spread out across your existing TCP/IP network. This leverages many of the advantages of using TCP/IP over traditional analog systems.

By pushing our technology to the edge of the network, we’ve eliminated the need for costly matrix switching and large central amplification. Streaming multimedia over TCP/IP achieves drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, and price/performance over traditional audio/video distribution methods. Powered by StreamNet®, Perfect Pixel is a combination of ClearOne proprietary algorithms for audio/video packet delivery optimization and error concealment, ensuring reliable delivery and eliminating dropped content across the network.



Experience the ultimate 4:4:4, true-color digital media distribution— unmatched in scalability and ease of deployment.

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VIEW Multimedia Receiver Software

VIEW Multimedia Receiver Software provides the user with a Windows 7 PC decoder for watching multimedia streams from StreamNet deployments.

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VIEW Virtual Matrix Software

VIEW Virtual Matrix Software provides the user with simple and single screen control for an entire StreamNet deployment.

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Audio/Video Encoders & Decoders

By streaming multimedia over TCP/IP, drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, and price/performance are achieved over traditional AV distribution methods.

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Audio Decoders and Amplifiers

StreamNet technology ensures that audio between any and all zones are in sync within one millisecond.

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Ethernet Switches

ClearOne’s proprietary StreamNet technology ensures synchronization of audio and video signals to within one millisecond, and control for point-to-point and point to multi-point distribution, while also delivering the highest-quality video and audio with the lowest latency.

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Power Supplies & Accessories

ClearOne’s selection of Power Supplies are tightly regulated and are very efficient.  Additional power supplies may be required as the VIEW system is scaled in size.

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