Media Collaboration

ClearOne’s portfolio of industry-leading HD video conferencing solutions includes feature-rich room systems and desktop video applications, as well as enhanced network management and infrastructure solutions.

Professional Audio

ClearOne’s COLLABORATE® soft-codec-based media collaboration is a complete portfolio featuring desktop 
video applications, room systems, infrastructure, and 
management solutions coupled with our industry-leading 
audio processing to enable natural collaboration— as if 
everyone were face-to-face.

   UC Voice

ClearOne’s CHAT® and INTERACT® AT series are full 
lines of USB-based voice-conferencing products for 
PCs, while MAX® tabletop speakerphones are designed 
for more traditional analog and VoIP conferencing. Our 
broad portfolio of award-winning UC voice products 
covers applications from the desktop to the small 
working conference room— each solution boasting 
ClearOne’s unmatched, rich audio performance.

Network Media Streaming

ClearOne's easily scalable IP-based, AV-distribution
network streaming, recording and digital signage
solutions deliver the highest-quality video over existing
LAN infrastructures.

Residential Multimedia Streaming


ClearOne’s NetStreams DigiLinX™ solutions deliver the ultimate IP AV experience by streaming high-definition audio and video (multimedia) and control over TCP/IP networks. By combining content and control signals in one data stream, NetStreams systems offer new levels of simplicity, reliability, and expandability, benefiting both integrators and end users with lower costs for installation, set-up and support.