Unrivaled audio clarity, room coverage and control for your analog phone system

Unrivaled audio clarity and room coverage for your analog phone system

HDConference® Audio

Distributed Echo Cancellation and noise cancellation along with full-duplex performance and automatic level control for natural conversation.

First-mic priority

First-mic priority activates only the microphone closest to the talker, reducing ambient noise and room reflections.

360-degree coverage

Three built-in microphones per conference phone with 360-degree audio pick-up. Powerful loudspeaker for rich, clear conferencing and audio playback.

Any size, any shape

Conference phones that fit meeting rooms of any size and any shape, from huddle spaces to medium-sized meeting rooms.

Expandable Design

Daisy-chain four units to cover medium-sized rooms.

Flexible control

Full conference phone expandability allows both mic and speaker to cover the entire room. This also provides flexibility of control and enables dialing using any conference phone.